About Us

Our Mission

MaxCare Ambulance is committed to providing the best private ambulance transportation services to all of our customers. MaxCare will achieve the highest standards of patient care and transport through our highly trained staff, modern vehicles, and equipment. Our services are customized to fit your needs and focus on the highest standard of patient care, customer satisfaction, reliability, and on-time performance.

We service more than 100 medical facilities within the San Diego County Community and also provide long distance transportation.

Our Promise

1. MaxCare will transport all persons in a manner affording safety, dignity, due diligence, and care.

2. When transporting patients and companions, MaxCare will consider their well-being by providing medical staff who are qualified and trained to deliver the appropriate care.

3. MaxCare will abide by the rules set forth by the Health and Safety department with regards to the implementation of all policies relating to the operations of an ambulance service

4. MaxCare will not knowingly expose any person employed or carried in a MaxCare ambulance to danger, risk of contamination, or to physical and mental harm.

5. MaxCare’s staff will at follow the instructions of medical persons, senior in profession, when transporting patients.

Our People

The people who work at MaxCare are committed to making a difference in the healthcare industry. We take pride in our work and the relations we form within the company and with the community.

Need a break? Grab a snack from our fully stocked break room.

Apart from working together, we enjoy each other’s company outside of work. We take part in things like:

1- MaxCare Softball team

2- Food Truck Socials

3- Holiday Parties

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